Payment Rails teams up with ArtStation for their new digital artist marketplace payouts

Payment Rails has teamed up with ArtStation for their new digital artist marketplace payouts.

Montreal, Canada – 21 November 2018 – Operating a marketplace with sellers all over the world is challenging. Sellers want flexible payout options, the ability to be paid directly to their bank accounts in local currency. Additionally, there are many challenges in administering, securely storing and sending mass payments constantly. ArtStation has turned to Payment Rails for enabling payouts on its new marketplace.

ArtStation is a leading showcase platform for artists and designers in the games, film, media & entertainment industry. It enables artists to showcase their portfolios in a slick way, discover & stay inspired,connect with new opportunities and now, make money via its marketplace.

When ArtStation launched their marketplace, enabling artists to monetize their work, they searched for a comprehensive payout solution that was simple to integrate via API and could do direct deposits to bank accounts globally. ArtStation found this solution in Payment Rails.

Payouts to over 220 countries worldwide via API
Leonard Teo, CEO and Co-Founder of ArtStation, says “Having a network of artists from every corner of the globe brings up challenges when it comes to payments. Our sellers want the experience to be simple and to get paid with low fees. On the platform side, we needed to be able to pay tens of thousands of sellers constantly in an automated way. Payment Rails works like magic. We’re able pay all our sellers around the world, sending money straight into their bank accounts in local currency with a simple API call.”

Competitive advantage
“Payment Rails gave us a massive competitive advantage,” Teo continues. “Out the gate, we’re able to send payouts via direct deposit to our users globally, in local currency. We’ve had users compare us to competing platforms, saying that we leapfrogged them just because of this.”

Recipient Widget simplifies integration and enhances security
Using the Payment Rails recipient widget, ArtStation was able to customize the look and feel for users entering their payout information. The widget also supports 18 different languages, so users can fill out banking details in their preferred language.

Teo says, “The great thing about the Payment Rails Recipient Widget is that it makes integrating it into your platform a snap. You just drop the widget in, and your users can now enter in their banking payout information. All the data is stored securely by Payment Rails, via their widget, so we don’t have to worry about all the security and compliance issues with storing our users’ banking information.”

“Being a local Montreal success story, working with the ArtStation team was a natural fit” said Tim Nixon, CEO & Founder at Payment Rails, “ArtStation has built an impressive community of digital artists. A vibrant community demands mutual trust and respect from the owner of the community. Timely and fast payments are part of that trust. We allow ArtStation to focus on the core aspects of their community by making complex international payment processes simple and smooth. With built-in features like bank account validation, approval workflows, white-label email notifications, and live payment tracking - this is how Payment Rails excels at making payouts easy for companies like ArtStation.”

Payment Rails simplifies global mass payouts for online marketplaces, on-demand and share economy platforms, translation and localization providers, influencer platforms, affiliate platforms, app stores, and growing businesses with international payout needs.

With Payment Rails’ global payout platform, businesses can automate their payouts, saving time and reducing transaction costs by up to 90%.

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