New Feature: Recipient Widget

We have officially launched our Recipient Widget to make it even easier for businesses to go global.

Businesses can now take full advantage of Payment Rails’ global banking network with a just few lines of code and as little as a few minutes of integration time. Seriously!  We actually timed the process with one of our developers Josh, who was able to setup and deploy the JS Widget in under 5 minutes.  And even better yet, our Recipient Widget is fully responsive so it can be embedded on  your website and/or mobile app without any additional work.

What does this mean for businesses?  Businesses can simply copy and paste a few lines of code, and our widget will handle the rest.  It will collect all the required payment information from your users (i.e. name, address, banking information),  with a built in real-time bank account validation engine.

Although it's only a few lines of code, the engine behind the scenes is very powerful, and super secure!


  • Your business can go global within minutes.
  • Maintains the full user experience and can customize the look and feel of the widget
  • Instantly benefits from Payment Rails Payout engine which manages the storage of sensitive data, tokenization, global bank rules and validation.
  • Your business can payout in 150+ currencies to 200+ countries, accessing Localized Bank Transfer networks in 60+ countries saving your receipients time and money.

How to Get Started

  1. Login to your Payment Rails account and click on  Settings, then Widget
  2. Enable the Recipient Widget
  3. Customize it in 10 secs by adding your  brand color hex code, and a link to your payout FAQs.
  4. Select your preferred coding language and copy and paste it into your website or app.
  5. Configure just 4 variables: your API Key and Secret, Recipient Email, and your own internal Recipient Reference ID (optional).
  6. Done!

Recipient Widget in Action

Here is a quick peek at the Recipient Widget in action that will be embedded into your own platform.

Payment Rails

Payment Rails