Influencer Marketing Platform #paid chooses Payment Rails for global influencer payouts

Influencer Marketing Platform #paid chooses Payment Rails for global influencer payouts.

Toronto, Canada – July 11, 2018 – Payment Rails, the global payouts platform that enables businesses to send fast and low-cost payouts anywhere around the world, has been selected by #paid to power their payouts to influencers globally for campaigns completed with brands like Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo, and Toyota.

In May 2018, #paid announced the closing of its $9M USD Series A round, led by ScaleUP Ventures.

#paid is working with top global brands to help them execute their influencer marketing programs. As global influencer marketing ad spend has crossed over $6 billion annually, there is no doubt that influencer marketing is a channel that is here to stay.

Jordan Hill, VP Finance of #paid, is excited to announce the partnership with Payment Rails as their payouts service provider: “With our new funding, we will begin licensing our software to other companies for influencer marketing. This means we need to have a robust payout system integrated to pay the influencers working with these global brands”, said Hill. “As we continue to work with brands that are running campaigns in several countries around the globe, it is important that our payout technology can scale geographically and operationally with us. This is exactly why we chose to partner with Payment Rails.”

“#paid has been a great customer of ours from the very beginning and has helped shape our product for influencer platform payouts. We look forward to continuing to support their growing payout needs as they scale into new markets with their Series A funding”, said Tim Nixon, Co-founder and CEO at Payment Rails.

About Payment Rails

Payment Rails simplifies global mass payouts for influencer platforms, affiliate platforms, publisher networks, online marketplaces, on-demand and share economy platforms, app stores, and growing businesses with international payout needs. With Payment Rails’ global payout platform, businesses can automate their contract worker payouts and tax form compliance - saving time and reducing transaction costs by up to 90%.

About #paid

#paid was founded in 2014 and brings together over 15,000 creators and Fortune 500 brands for meaningful collaborations. With offices in New York and Toronto, #paid empowers social media content creators and enables the world to experience their creative storytelling. #paid designs and develops world-class influencer marketing software that makes marketers’ lives easier. Top brands like Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo, and Toyota trust the #paid platform to activate creators, deliver inspiring lifestyle content, and measure ROI.

Payment Rails

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