ALTA Language Services selects Payment Rails for global translator & interpreter payouts

ALTA Language Services selects Payment Rails for global translator & interpreter payouts.

Montreal, Canada –  27 SEPTEMBER 2018 – Payment Rails, the global payouts platform that enables businesses to send fast and low-cost payouts anywhere around the world, has been selected by ALTA Language Services to power their payouts to their global translators.

ALTA Language Services has an almost-40-year history of providing language services at an enterprise-level for companies like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, and General Electric.

ALTA uses a global network of contract linguists to provide services such as language training, interpretation services, translation services, and more.

Rob Jones, CEO of ALTA Language Services, announced today they have partnered with Payment Rails as their payouts provider for paying translators. “We have a large and always-growing network of linguists around the globe, and paying them has proved challenging in the past”, said Rob. “Using Payment Rails’ recipient widget, we are able to collect the proper banking and tax information for each linguist, and Payment Rails’ live FX rates allows us to deposit funds directly to their bank accounts, in their local currency, at a much better conversion rate than banks offer.”

“We are truly excited to be working with ALTA Language Services’ team as we  assist them in paying their global contractor workforce.” said Tim Nixon, CEO & Founder at Payment Rails, “Paying people all over the world is challenging. On top of the different currencies and languages involved, each country requires unique information attached to a payment to go smoothly. This is where we really add a tonne of value by making all those complex international payments processes very simple and smooth for our customers. With built-in features like bank account validation, approval workflows, white-label email notifications, and live payment tracking - this is where Payment Rails really excels at making payouts easy for companies like ALTA.”

Payment Rails simplifies global mass payouts for online marketplaces, on-demand and share economy platforms, translation and localization providers, influencer platforms, affiliate platforms, app stores, and growing businesses with international payout needs.

With Payment Rails’ global payout platform, businesses can automate their contract worker payouts and tax form compliance, saving time and reducing transaction costs by up to 90%.

Payment Rails

Payment Rails