Accommodation rentals platform Rent Like A Champion integrates Payment Rails Payout API for paying hosts

Accommodation rentals platform Rent Like A Champion integrates Payment Rails Payout API for paying hosts.

Montreal, Canada – July 5, 2018 – Payment Rails, the global payout platform that enables businesses to send fast and low-cost payouts to freelancers, suppliers, and employees anywhere around the world, has been selected by Rent Like A Champion to power their payouts to hosts in their short-term rental marketplace.

Rent Like A Champion is the go-to-platform for short-term rentals for sporting events all across the US. They gained significant popularity after being featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank in 2015, where they scored investment from Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca. Their pitch was simple: weekend home rentals near college campuses during football games. They have since expanded their services to include many other sports and events, including PGA Tour events and youth sports tournaments across the US.

Today, Rent Like A Champion CEO Mike Doyle formally announced that his company has selected Payment Rails as their chosen payouts provider for paying hosts. “As we continue to grow and to serve more types of sporting events, we need to have a rock-solid payout system in place to pay our hosts. This is exactly what Payment Rails has to offer”, said Doyle. “As we consider expanding outside of the US, it’s great to know that we won’t have to worry about finding another payouts platform to assist us in that transition.”

“Rent Like A Champion is a great startup success story, and we are proud to be part of that continuing journey. They are in high growth mode, and scaling efficiently is one of their top priorities. With built in features such as bank account validation, automated return payment handling, and white-label email notifications, this is where Payment Rails really helps companies like Rent Like a Champion scale easy. Our platform can seamlessly power the increasing volume of payouts, and give them local payouts access to new countries like Canada,” said Tim Nixon, Co-founder and CEO at Payment Rails.

About Payment Rails

Payment Rails simplifies global mass payouts for online marketplaces, accommodation marketplaces, on-demand and share economy platforms, influencer platforms, affiliate platforms, app stores, and growing businesses with international payout needs. With Payment Rails’ global payout platform, businesses can automate their contract worker payouts and tax form compliance - saving time and reducing transaction costs by up to 90%.

About Rent Like A Champion

Rent Like A Champion is a vacation rental website that provides college football fans across the country with high quality, affordable housing during football weekends. In smaller towns with prominent football teams, there is a massive shortage of lodging during game weekends. Our homeowners have hosted over 50,000 guests, creating a better college football experience for fans nationwide.

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